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Inline Water & Shower Filter, VitaPure Combo Premium SUF-300VPX, #1 Compact Type Mode in The World

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Inline Water & Shower Filter, VitaPure Combo Premium SUF-300VPX, #1 Co... Love your existing shower head? VitaPure® Water Filter & Softener made of VCF, ACF & SEDIMENT (PureMax) by formulation with the dual biotic filtration works to flawlessly remove Rust, Impurity, Bacteria, Heavy Metals & Chlorine from the tap water...

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VitaPure® Water Filter & Softener formulated with the dual biotic filtration works to flawlessly remove Rust, Impurity, Bacteria, Heavy Metals and Chlorine from the tap water and produces the pure water.

Health Risk of Disinfection Byproducts in Tap Water

Stop allergy, chlorine

Chlorine is a serious irritant and creates carcinogenic by-products. Persons with sensitive skin, skin rashes, specific skin allergies, very dry skin need the most efficient shower filter to reduce their exposure to the aggressive effects of chlorine to the maximum extent possible. Chlorine dries skin out significantly faster than chlorine free water.

Human skin is made up of protein that protects you from stimulus, irritation and evaporation, and plays other important roles. But chlorine is reacted to destroy protein, which roughens and ages your skin, and causes various troubles to your skin. It worsens atopy-skin disease particularly.


Hair is still a part of our skin, but the major difference from our skin is that hair is not curable once it is damaged. Chlorine residue oxidizes protein and cuticle causing dull and clumsy looking hair as well as dandruff.



Instantly neutralises Chlorine and Chloramines and helps improve damaged skin and hair. Vitamin dechlorination also helps preventing Atopic diseases including Eczema, Psorosis and protects your lungs and arteries from chlorine damage. 

Vitamin Filter as Food-Graded , 100% Natural Filtration mechanism to remove Chlorine in a speed of light, and it is the high-tech media agent with the scientific proof, differentiating from Water Purification system working by the physical format.



Q: How does Vitamin-C shower filter work in removing chlorine and chloramines from water?
Vitamin Shower Filter utilizes ascorbic acid chemistry for dechlorination. Vitamin does not hold the chlorine, it neutralizes chlorine from an element into a harmless compound.

Q: Is there any scientific evidence that Vitamin can be used in dechlorination?
Yes. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA), National Risk Management Research Laboratory demonstrated that Vitamin is safe and fast dechlorination agents.

Q: What is the advantage of Vitamin-C?
Vitamin-C is the safest and least toxic of dechlorination media. It not only fully neutralizes both chlorine and chloramines but also provide additional nutrients for skin and hair.

Q: Has Vitamin-C ever been used in dechlorination?
Yes. Vitamin C dechlorination has a lengthy history.  It has been used in EPA and APHA methods for the dechlorination of lab samples.  In the medical industry, it is the standard for critical applications such as dialysis, where the introduction of chlorinated water or toxic chemical would be catastrophic.