About us

SONAKI, as one of the leading manufacturers in the world industry of the Kitchen & Bath, is concentrated on and specialized in Hi -tech R&D to meet the improved demand in the international consuming market.  While we are going ahead of R&D project based on the technical potentiality accumulated for the past 20 years, we are proud of the ownership for the domestic and international patents of 100 products branded with SONAKI™ which represents SONAKI’s creative idea.  Its entire MFG processing including the investment on R&D and Mold Design and, QC and Packing in one stop facility operation is the key factor to save the cost and to complete the high quality products, to create the competitive and reasonable retail prices. This is our entrepreneur’s business common policy.

SUNGWOO SONAKI is the high-tech enterprise who is developing and manufacturing the filtration components to be combined with SONAKI SHOWER SYSTEM in the development field of the Shower and Water Technology, and distributing its final products to the global consuming market.

We will continue to execute  our business mission to lead the high demand and value from the consuming market with the high quality products while developing and manufacturing Shower & Bath and the Filtration System based on R&D, Digital Quality with the most advanced idea and technology.

SONAKI manufactures and distributes the handheld shower system designed with the water saving technical mechanism for the ultimate demand from the global consumer’s market.  Further SONAKI shower filtration system adapted and applied in Shower and Batch environment contributes a great variety of the innovative benefits to the consumers in removing Chlorine and in taking caring of the skin diseases    And thus we are proud of leading the Kitchen and Batch Industry  in the international community.