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SUF-50V - VitaPure Vitamin C Inline Shower Filter

SUF-50V - VitaPure Vitamin C Inline Shower Filter

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“VitaPure® Inline Shower Filter” extends the hose length and is easy to install and handy in using.


• Vitamin C Filtration; Remove Chlorine & Chloramine with water softened
• Vitamin Filter as Food Graded, 100% Natural Filtration mechanism to remove Chlorine in a beam speed, and it is the high-tech media agent with the scientific proof, differentiating from Water Purification system working by the physical format.
• Extremely easy to install – installs in seconds with no tools required.
• Extends the hose length- The unique design adds 14 inches to the length of your hose, making it easier to bathe children, pets and others Box includes Transparent Inline Filter House, 4 Vitamin C Filters, Wrench for changing out filters, Connection Adaptor, Connection Hose.

Installation & Operation 

To ensure that your installation proceeds smoothly-please read these instructions carefully before you begin. Select installation Type and take the steps to install in order of diagram as follow.




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