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VCF-05, Refill Filter Pack - 5 Vitamin C Shower Filter Cartridges (The Original)

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Vitamin Shower FiltrationVitamin C for Pharmaceutical and Food grade formulated by the organic extractive stuffs is the best media to remove Chlorine in a ray beam speed from TAP WATER and produces the clean and quality water for human.


  • Eliminating Byproducts and Residuals of Chlorine (ReDox)
  • Natural Vitamin – Bio Polymer (Food grade)
  • To Check the consuming Level thru Translucent Case
  • Filter life is up to 1,500 gallons(5,000 litters) 
  • Easy to Install & Use
  • Recyclable Material(ABS)
  • Removing Chlorine to keep Healthy Hair & Skin.

Many natural antioxidants such as L-ascorbic acid(Vitamin-C) is its  redox behavior. Especially, ascorbic acid and some antioxidants rapidly reduces oxidizing  chlorine  compounds,  and it has the  advantage  of producing inorganic halides and de-hydro ascorbic acid as opposed to  halogenated organic molecules as  byproducts.  In  addition to L-ascorbic acid will form chelate complexes with  transition metal ions.

Quick and Immediate effective symptoms

Atopic Disease : Released form itching in the shower and bath. Residual of Chlorine is one of the main causes of Skin disease and allergic side effect.

Keratin and Dandruff : Eliminates Keratin and Dandruff with itching symptom by removing Chlorine in the shower and bath.

Dry Skin and Hair Loss : Residual of Chlorine smashes the fatty acid and protein in the body cell-tissue and makes skin and hairs dried and damaged.

For Baby and Kids : Removes residual Chlorine To protect them from residual chlorine and chlorinated hazardous byproducts damaged on the brain function.