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[SUF-200P] VitaPure 200 Premium Inline Water & Shower Filter

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VitaPure 200 Premium Inline Water & Shower Filter

VitaPure delivers again with the worlds most versatile shower filtration system. The VitaPure 200 offers single in-line filter that can be installed in any direction which means you don’t have to renovate your whole shower; when combined with the VitaPure 100 Vitamin Filter it offers the complete protection from disinfection by products.

PureMax Filter with ACF works in the adsorptive ratio of 10 times and its adsorptive capacity of 200 times comparing to Carbon Filter for the common water purifier. The compact sized filter structured and designed by the high ultra technical method is the most high-end item in the world.

Features(PureMax Filter)

  • Remove Rust, Impurity, Bacteria, Heavy Metals and Chlorine.
  • Super Quality by Compact Sized Multi Layers Filter combined with  ACF and Sediment(10 times)
  • Free from the contamination of the bacterium and dust by the antibiotic system works(Anti-bacterial Sediment Block Filter)
  • The life span maximized with the Ultra-Graded Density
  • Safety without 5 critical heavy metal
  • To Check the consuming Level thru Translucent Case
  • None of the lint by using the filtration spun-bonded
  • Filter life is up to 1,500 gallons(5,000 litters) 
  • Easy to Install & Use
  • Recyclable Material(PP)