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[MPS-100CR] Modison PET Showerhead

[MPS-100CR] Modison PET Showerhead

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Modison PET Showerhead

Convertible Shower Modes From Regular Function to Pet Wash

A switch button is designed to stop the water spray when soaping or washing.  There is no need for using the main faucet On/Off lever.  While producing the water pressure stronger than the spraying from the prevailing general shower mode, MODISON shower system have  the water-saving function of more than 50% in comparison to the conventional & general shower pattern.

Key Product Features

  • Perfect Choice for Shampoo, Wash Pets, and Easy Rinse
  • Gentle Brush for massage and cleansing
  • Adjust Water Pressure Modes from Low to High
  • Great pressured shower spray like rain storm(Fine & Gentle Modes)
  • Best Effective for Hair and Skin
  • Emit of Anion
  • On/Off Switch Button is designed for the water saving and to avoid waste of water
  • Unique Design and Durability made of Top Quality Parts 
  • Excellent Water saving ratio (50%)
  • Easy to install and Convenient to use 


Renovation for Refresh

  1. Stretching & Trimming Coarse Hair Texture by  Deep Brushing
  2.  Massage by Soft & Elastic Brush Comb incites the skin to speed up the blood circulation and metabolism
  3. Residual of Shampoo is on of the reasons to be  eczema. Soft Brush & Powerful Shower Spray helps to clean the shampoo residual out of hair skin.   
  4. Brush & Fine Spray saves the rinse time and upgrades the rinse condition.
  5. Easy and Convenient in using Shower Unit with ON/Off Switch during Shampoo
  6. Easy to  and install in a moment.



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