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SUF-400VPX VitaPure Inline Water & Shower Filter

SUF-400VPX VitaPure Inline Water & Shower Filter

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SONAKI VitaPure - Compact Dual Type

Universal Inline Shower Filter System


   • Removes 99% of chlorine, chloramines and other impurities like rust, iron          heavy metals etc. 

   • One Body & Dual Filtration (PureMax + Vita5)



   • Natural Complex Bio Filtration with 6 layered Steps



   • Minimal & Universal Design



   • Extremely easy to install (standard 1/2" connection)



   • Good for a house which is old or uses well water



   • Compact Size but Amazing Big Benefits



   • Keep your existing shower or bath systems



   • Three month filter life time for 4 members of family (25,000 liters/filter)



   • Good water is more important than good cosmetics.



   • Environment-friendly food grade Vitamin C
   • VITA5 dual inline filter is very safe not to add chemicals additives.



   • Easy to check the filter life time (clear case)



   • Extremely easy to install  in any type of installation position. No plumbing




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